When the time has come to replace one of the semi trucks in your fleet, consider buying used. There are several benefits to buying a used semi truck, including saving money. Before you jump in and buy one of the first trucks you like, make sure you look for or ask about the following:

How Long the Truck Has Been Sitting on the Dealer's Lot

Used freightliner trucks of any kind that sit too long on a lot tend to develop leaks and other problems. First, ask the dealer how long the truck has been there. Then look under the truck to see if you can spot anything unusual. Request that the truck is serviced again before you buy it if the truck has been there longer than six months.

The History of the Truck

Ask for the truck's history. Do not simply look at the body work and the mileage on the truck because that does not tell you much of anything. All it will tell you is how far the previous owner drove the truck, and that the body has not been damaged recently. The truck's official report reveals a lot more about how the truck was used and whether or not it has been in a previous accident.

The Sound of the Truck

Sure, this seems silly, but if you have been driving trucks or listening to them start up, you know what they sound like. When a used truck does not sound like it should when you start it, you may want to inquire of the dealer as to what the sound is and/or why it sounds that way. Then consider a secondary preference for a truck you want to buy if something is indeed wrong with your first choice.

Check the Engine

You would not buy a passenger vehicle without checking out the engine, would you? Then you should not avoid doing so with a semi engine. It is not going to be pristine in a used truck, but it should be in decent shape. 

If you are not an engine expert, bring your own mechanic with. Have him or her check out the engine to verify that it is sound. While your mechanic is there, you may even want him/her to check the air brakes, the emergency brakes, etc. Then you know for sure what you are buying and what you are getting before you buy it.