Most pickup truck owners opt for a truck because they'll be hauling things and otherwise utilizing that truck bed to its fullest potential. If your truck bed is going to see that much use, wouldn't you want to protect it? There are a lot of options out there for truck bed protection, including drop-in liners, paint-on coatings, and spray-on bed liners. If you've been hesitant to consider a spray-on bed liner because of things you've heard, it's important that you know the facts. Here's a look at a few things you should know about spray-on truck bed liners.

Harder Isn't Always Better

One of the things that you may be thinking is that, in order to get the best results from a spray-on bed liner, you need to choose the liner with the most solids in the mix for the hardest possible finish. This isn't necessarily the case. In fact, if you choose the hardest possible spray-on bed liner, you may find that the finished liner is vulnerable to cracking under direct impact. 

What you want is a spray-on bed liner with a little bit of flexibility to the blend. That way, the liner can shift and flex a little bit when used. This helps to protect the liner from stress cracking and keeps it in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Black Isn't Your Only Choice

Historically, spray-on bed liners were almost always black in color. It was a standard feature, and there weren't any color options available. Then, when color mix-ins became available, there was a misconception that the added color affected the durability of the liner. The truth is that you can not only customize the color of your spray-on bed liner, but you can do so without compromising quality and durability. If you prefer to have a bed liner that matches the color of your truck, that is a valid option.

Bed Liners Don't Fade Quickly

Another common misconception about spray-on bed liners is that their color will fade quickly, with black bed liners rapidly turning to chalky, gray surfaces. This isn't necessarily the case, though. In fact, you can also ask your bed liner installation contractor about adding an ultraviolet ray protectant to your liner. This will help to slow the sun's effects on your bed liner, allowing the color to last even longer. 

These are a few of the things that you should know about sprayed-on bed liners. Talk with a local contractor today to see if this type of liner is the right fit for your truck.